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 WWI Slideshow - click here for gallery


 WWI Rules - click here for full list

Age of Dreadnoughts (Mongoose Publishing, 2009)
Air War 1918 (David Manley, 2007)
Aces at Dawn (Majestic Twelve Games, 2005) [1]
Algernon Pulls it Off (Too Fat Lardies, 2006) [1]
Blue Max (board game) Phil Hall
Challenge & Reply! WW1 Naval (, 2000)
Contemptible Little Armies (HLBS Publishing, 2002)
Cordite and Steel (TSR, Inc., 1977)
Desert Column V 6 (Computer Moderated Miniature Wargame Rules) (Computer Strategies, 2007)
Dogfight Over Flanders, WWI Aerial Combat Rules (Mike Thomas and Kev Smith, Tabletop Games, 1992)
Fear God & Dread Naught (Clash of Arms Games, 2000)
Fleet Action Imminent (Old Dominion GamesWorks, 2008)
Grand Fleets (Majestic Twelve Games, 2004)
Great War (Terry Sirk and Fred Haub, 1985)
If the Lord Spares Us (Too Fat Lardies, 2005)
October Revolt (Russian Civil War) (B & B Miniatures, 1994)
Price of Glory (Iron Ivan Games, 2006)
Square Bashing 1914–1918 (Peter Pig, 1997)
Trench (Tabletop Games, 1975)
Trench Storm (The Tin Dictator/Ivan Sorensen, 2003)
Trench Wars (Old Glory, 2004)
Triumph and Tragedy (Tischrabauken Productions - Björn Reichel [3]/ 2007 )
Triumph of the Will (Russian Civil War, Spanish Civil War) (Too Fat Lardies, 2001)
World War 1 Wargames Rules (Skytrex, unknown)