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 Ancient Rules - click here for full list

A Fistfull of Miniatures (North Shore Press, 1986; Precis Intermedia Gaming, 2009)
Age of Battles (Zvezda, 2007)
Age of Heroes - Biblical Era V 6 (Computer Moderated Miniature Wargame Rules) (Computer Strategies, 2007)
Ancient & Medieval Wargaming (Sutton Publishing, 2007)
Ancient Battles for Wargamers (Charles Grant, Model and Allied Publications, 1977)
Ancient Empires (The Emperor's Press, 1991)
Ancient Warfare (Milgamex, 1975)
Ancient Warfare (A to Z Rules, 1997)
Ancient Warfare (Saga Publishing, 1998)
Arcane Warfare (Jerboa Development Team, 2002)
Armati (Quantum Printing, 1994)
l'Art de la Guerre (Onyx ├ęditions, 2008)
The Art of War (Doug Larsen & Rocky Russo, 2005)
Basic Impetus (Dadi & Piombo, 2006)
Battlestandard Ancient Rules (Battlestandard Miniatures and Games, 2004)
Casus Belli (Pitts & Hoover, 2009)
Clash of Empires (Great Escape Games, 2011)
Classical Hack (LMW Works Publications, 2002)
Classic Warfare (Gary Gygax, Tactical Studies Rules, 1975)
Conquerors and Kings (Peter Pig, 1999)
Crusader (Crusader Miniatures, 2007)
De Bellis Magistrorum Militum (Caliver Books, 2007)
Fast Play Rules for Ancient Warfare (Newbury Rules)
Gordian Knot (Agema Publications, 2007)
Greek Naval Warfare (London Wargames Section, 1972)
Hail Caesar (Rick Priestley, Warlord Games, 2011)
Holy Hack (LMW Works, 1996)
Homeric Hack (LMW Works, 2005)
Hoplon (Nicolas A. Protonotarios, 2003)
Impetus (Dadi & Piombo, 2008)
In Death Ground (Ruga-Ruga Publications, 2010)
Justified Ancients (Amazon Miniatures, 2005)
King David (Signifer Club Vicenza, 2004)
Legion (Fantasy Games Unlimited, 1976)
Lost Battles (Philip Sabin, 2008)
Macedon and Rome V 6 (Computer Moderated Miniature Wargame Rules) (Computer Strategies, 2007)
Melees Gloriosus (David P. Gundt, 1999)
Might of Arms (Colonnade Publishing, 1996)
Peltast and Pila (Tony Bath, Tabletop Warfare Limited, 1976)
Salamis Ad Actium (David Manley, 2005)
Shieldbearer (Michel J Young)
The Shock of Impact (Tabletop Games, 1981)
Tactica (Quantum Printing, 1989)
Vis Bellica (Ordered Flexibility, 2002)
Warfare in the Ancient World (Newbury Rules, 1980)
War Games Rules 1000 B.C to 500 A.D (Ancient War Games Research Group, 1969)
War Games Rules 1000 B.C. to 1000 A.D. (War Games Research Group, 1971)
War Games Rules 3000 B.C - 1250 A.D (Wargames Research Group, 1976)
War Games Rules 3000 BC to 1485 AD (Wargames Research Group, 1980)
Wargames Rules - Ancient Period (480 B.C. - A.D. 61) (Athena, 1986)
Warlord (Partizan Press, 2007)
Warrior (Four Horsemen Enterprises, 2002)
Warrior Kings (Two Hour Wargames, 1998)  
Wars Ancient (Magni Games, 2010)