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​Sci Fi Rules - click here for full list

 Sci Fi Slideshow - click here for gallery


 Sci Fi Rules - click here for full list

5150 (Two Hour Wargames, 2006)
Aeronef (Wessex Games, unknown)
Ætherverse (Triskele Game Design Studios, 2004)
Alien Squad Leader (, 2005)
A Fistful of Sardaukar (A Fistful of Games, unknown)
AT-43 (Rackham, 2006)
BEAMSTRIKE (Open source, Unknown)
CAV: Combat Assault Vehicle (Reaper Miniatures, 2006)
Chain Reaction (Two Hour Wargames, 2000)
Critter Commandos (Crunchy Frog Enterprises, 1989)
CyborGladiators (Firefly Games, 2004)
Dark Horizon: Escape (Advanced Primate Entertainment Games, 1996)
Defiance (Majestic Twelve Games, 2001)
Dirtside (Ground Zero Games, 1989)
Dirtside II (Ground Zero Games, 1993)
Second Edition Full Thrust Rulebook.
Epic, versions also known as Warhammer Epic 40,000 and Epic Armageddon (Games Workshop, 1988)
Fast And Dirty (Ivan Sorensen, 2004)
Firestorm: Armada (Spartan Games, 2009)
Flashpoint! (Virtual Fusion Press, unknown)
Full Thrust (Ground Zero Games, 1992)
Future War Commander (Specialist Military Publishing, 2008)
Galactic Control (Armchair Assassin, 2011)
Galactic-Conflict in the Stars (Arbron Imagineering / Iron Wind Metals, 2011)
Galactic Warfare (Skytrex, 1973)
Gangs of Mega-City One (Mongoose Publishing, 2005)
Grunts 15mm SCI-FI (Rottenlead, 2010)
Halo OTT (The OTTgameteam, 2007)
Holes (Tri Tac Systems, 1995)
Hostile Stars (Dark Realm Miniatures, 2010)
Iron Cow 2103ad (Wessex Games, 1995, reprinted 2002)
Jump Trooper (A Fistful of Games, unknown)
Kryomek (Fantasy Forge Ltd, 1991)
Laserburn (Bryan Ansell, Tabletop Games, 1980)
LaserGrenadiers (Godfox Enterprises, unknown)
Legions of Steel (Global Games Company, 1992)
Mars Ascendant - Sci-Fi V 6 (Computer Moderated Miniature Wargame Rules) (Computer Strategies, 2007)
MechWarrior: Dark Age, MechWarrior: Age of Destruction (WizKids, 2002, 2006)
Mindstalkers (ManorHouse Miniatures, 2004)
Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat (Firefly Games, 2002)
New World Disorder (Precis Intermedia Gaming, 2008)
Nuclear Renaissance (Ramshackle Studios, 2007)
OGRE Miniatures (Steve Jackson Games, 1992)
Omega Warrior (Flagship Games, 1998)
Princess Ryan's Space Marines (Simulations Tacticals (SIMTACS), 1991)