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A page dedicated to club members who have gone to their own version of Valhalla and are sorely missed


FWGS Honorary Club President

Lest We Forget

For many club members today his name will have only been something mentioned in passing or a fleeting conversation.

In truth Mick is the reason our club exists today. He would proudly tell anyone willing to listen of how he and a small group would wargame in his house, across a green coloured sheet on his bed, before approaching Ellis Hall to rent a room and on a Friday night in 1972 launching Farnborough Wargames Society. He embodied the process many still follow in using whatever was at hand to achieve his aim of gaming with model soldiers.

He supported our club in whatever form it took for almost five decades. Almost every Friday night Mick would be there making his presence known and voicing some opinion about a period of military history. Forty seven years later some of the older members still talk in quiet whispers of the 'Tactical' practice proposed by Mick.

No matter what opinion any of us hold of Micks world, rolling a six always broke a square, his father was a great hero of empire, patrolling the Khyber Pass on horse back, whilst Mick himself fought for his country during the Eoka terrorist campaign in Cyprus during the 1950's. Above all else Wargaming was Mick's passion and we all benefit from the legacy he has left us.

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