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Elles Hall - click to see street view

The Society welcomes and indeed encourages players of all ages and seeks to promote the benefits of the hobby (which are considerable) for all. 


Membership of the club has many advantages.  There are excellent facilities available to club members with over 30 tables available, excellent scenery for all periods and of course (and most importantly) the chance to meet other wargamers and arrange games, exchange views and join in with a wider group with similar interests.  Members may also bring their guests to participate in games at the club of course.

Membership currently costs £15 per annum (renewable in January) with additional table fees of £3 per night on Friday Nights and £5 on Sundays.


Non-members are free for their first night and then charged £5 per night. These fees are the same for all ages.


Contact us by email


Note:  There are a few members under the age of 18.  The Society is not classed as a "Child Care Organisation" under the Protection of Children Act and so players and visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied at all times (for more information click here)

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