Jun 26, 2017



Just for a change, it could be interesting to play DBA (version 3.0). It won't allow everyone to play in the same game, but several games could be played at the same time, so everyone gets a couple of games in a session. The rules are easy enough and I could help out with these.


I have Late Carthage (obviously) and Polybian Romans, but would also be able to field Syracuse, Iberians and Gauls at least with a bit of additional painting.


Another option would be to play an extended game (with three times the forces participating in a normal game), which could allow everyone to learn the rules at the same time, but it can be a bit of a drag for low-pip commands (those don't get to do as much as others). Plus I don't have the armies for this kind of extravaganza. We could get two games of this in a session too, with opponents swapping sides if wanted.

Jun 27, 2017

I'd like to have a go at DBA again. I haven't got figs, unfortunately. I can't do this Friday, but will be in touch when I get a Friday available.

Jun 28, 2017

Great! Keep me posted as to when it would suit you.


I think it would be best to get a few people who are interested to have a good few games going on at the same time. We have great boards and plenty of terrain in the club and I will paint up a few elements I need to be able to field at least six contemporary armies (Carthage, Syracuse, Iberians, Gauls, Romans and Numidians). Then we can have three games at the same time and we can swap opponents (or sides) for another round - we can get at least two games each in our Friday session.


With these six armies we can organise a mini-campaign at a later date too - possibly culminating in a big battle, with three players per side!

Jun 28, 2017

Anyone interested might head over to http://www.dbaol.com/ for an online refresher or intro to DBA - yes, "DBA Online" is still going strong!

That reminds me, I'm working on an online campaign game at the moment, as a working output of the development of my programming skills into new areas. I'll let you know when something is up and running, so if you'd like to run a DBA campaign through it to put it through its paces that'd be great.

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  • sijeetellis
    Jul 9, 2017

    hello does any one fancy a game of ADLG? its one of the most popular ancient rules on the competetion circuit. many of its concepts are similar to DBMM and FOG. il like because you get into combat very quick ( there isnt much scope to faf around with skirmishers) and the games finish in about 2 and a half hours.
  • inuka.j
    Jun 30, 2017

    Hi, Does anyone in the group play non-miniature wargames? I would particularly like to find opponents for the following: ASL (still on Starter Kit) Band of Brothers Combat Commander (have Europe) Conflict of Heroes War Stories (Red Storm and Liberty Road) Coral Sea: Campaign Commander Volume II Less wargamey but still war-like: Cuba Libre Labyrinth: The War on Terror Twilight Struggle A Few Acres of Snow Wir Sind Das Volk I am also happy to learn anything new. I am free mostly Monday/Thursday, Some weekend days. I am based in Reading but happy to drive a bit for a game. Thank you!

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