Jun 25, 2017

Sunday 30th July: Revolutionary Wars - battle #1: Valmy


Edited: Jul 2, 2017

Hi y'All,


Thanks to Lance and his awesome contribution to the Valhalla bring-and-buy, into which I dived in and grabbed his great 15mm 1792-1806 Prussian starter army.


So my dream of running through the entire French Revolutionary Wars period of coalitions 1 and 2, and putting on each main battle in chronological order on the monthly Sunday games day is, about to begin.


(1) We had the warm up with Marengo and Austerlitz.


(2) The Boney set-piece rules, together with the GTM (Grand Tactical Movement) rules - where appropriate, e.g. Marengo yes, Austerlitz no point - are about as good as it gets, imho.


(3) I have the 15mm figures now to do the lot. OK, maybe Hessian, Royalist Army of Conde (Emigres), Royalist Chouan, and British (Duke of York) need a bit of attention i.e. are non-existent, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. (Anyone got any of these, btw?).


So let's start at the beginning. A very good place to start ...


Valmy battle background


A bit of a cannonade and a damn good ol' sing-song! ...






Prussian Orbat


Doesn't include Austrian, Hessian, and Conde reserves: -




I cannot find an orbat for the Austrian, Hessian, and Conde armies at Valmy. I think it's because they were held in reserve and never committed, so no-one seems to have documented them. Even Nafziger's legendary "orders of battle for every battle since the dawn of time" doesn't have them: -




If anyone has a resource on this, please let me know.


If I can't find them, then we'll make do with nearest equivalent orbat from around that time, and scale it to the right strength.


French Orbat


Includes both Dumouriez's Armee du Nord and Kellerman's Army de Centre: -




Here's the background gem ...








Valmy French Revolutionary "Troops"


Aka "scum" per the Boney stats sheet! Yay, meet the class of '92! ...





Valmy Prussians, Austrians, Hessians, and Conde













Royalist Conde



Overall situation of France


Surrounded and embattled on every front, inside and out! Oooh-la-la! ...

They no doubt enjoyed cheese in 1792, but there wasn't a surrender monkey among 'em! Coz twenty years later this "army of lawyers" had changed the map somewhat ...

Valmy scenario


The usual suspects for Valmy to follow later: -


(1) Scenario, special rules, and victory conditions

(2) Map with start locations

(3) Orders of battle

(4) Boney rules stats sheets


"Here and today, a new epoch in the history of the world has begun, and you can boast you were present at its birth" - Goethe on Valmy

- Kellerman at Valmy


Vive la Liberté !





Jun 25, 2017

This may be the best idea since creating a glorious statue to remember Kellerman

Jun 25, 2017

I wonder if anyone has a 15mm miniature of that statue? If so, bit of a "must have" really?!

Jun 28, 2017

Who's up for doing Valmy on the July Sunday, 30th?

Jul 24, 2017Edited: Jul 24, 2017

Roll-up, roll-up!


Leaders required please! Place command requests in the comments below ...



1. Kellerman (no prizes for who wants that one – Tom has it reserved)

2. Dumouriez (I feel Tim “The Lothario” Cull should follow up his grand Victoire at Austerlitz with a lead role in this blast from the past)

3. A N Other


Prussian / Austrian

1. Duke of Brunswick (Prussian)

2. Prince of Hohenlohe (Prussian)

3. Clerfayt (Austrian corps)


Scenario with victory conditions, map with start locations, special rules, orbats, and stats sheets to follow mid-week-ish.


All figures provided regimented and boxed with leader labels, just bring your sweet selves!





Jul 26, 2017


@Joe – Great, Clerfayt’s Austrian corps on the Prussian side is all yours. They could be the tipping point in the battle’s balance. They stood as a third line behind the front two lines of Prussians and were in better shape than the Prussians (dysentery and privations had mullered the Prooskies). But they were hardly used in the actual battle due to Brunswick bottling it after the cannonade and Frenchie sing-song.


However, with Rammer in charge of the Prooskies, I doubt the phrase “bottling it” will have entered the high command’s vernacular, so you’ll see plenty of action – that is, if you’re able to climb over the heaped bodies of the front two lines of Prooskies after he’s finished with them! …


We've space for another on the French side if anyone fancies it ...



  1. Kellerman (no prizes for who wants that one – Tom has it reserved) - Tom

  2. Dumouriez (I feel Tim “The Lothario” Cull should follow up his grand Victoire at Austerlitz with a lead role in this blast from the past) - Tim

  3. A N Other – still available

Prussian / Austrian

  1. Duke of Brunswick (Prussian) - Ian

  2. Price of Hohenlohe (Prussian) - Chris

  3. Clerfayt (Austrian corps) - Joe

Vive la Republic / le Roi, whichever floats your boat,


Jul 29, 2017

The Valmy scenario details are now on this page in the FWGS site: -

Top Menu -> Military Epochs -> Napoleonic -> Left Menu -> Scenario #1: Valmy, 20th Sept, 1792.


Includes: -

- Map with start locations

- Scenario rules and victory conditions

- "Boney" rules stats sheets for French, Prussian, and Austrian

- French and Allied orders of battle

A little "je ne sais quoi" to get you in the mood for rude: -


And so it begins ...


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  • Loz
    Dec 16, 2017

    Unusual battle this one. Austrians outnumbered 3 to 1 (15,000 Ozzers, 40,000 Frenchies). Austrians trying to defend a long front with an unfordable river the length of the front to their rear! The only thing going for them was that if they could get back over the river they were in the massive Mons fortress. The Frenchies were the usual barefooted, rag-tag, scruff-bags. Flushed with their recent "victory" over the Prussians at Valmy (aka a damn good ol' sing-song and a bit of a cannonade), they had bags of elan and were eager to sock it to the Ozzers too. But they didn't have much by way of large formation co-ordination or individual unit drill and professionalism. The French officers were fearful of the "national razor", aka the guillotine, awaiting them in Paris if they failed in their endeavors, but still found the time for rivalry and lack of co-operation. The Austrians fought an admiral retreat in front of the enemy, exacting far greater casualties on the French than they took themselves, and making the French really work to push them off the battle field. The French threw uncoordinated attack after uncoordinated attack at the Austrians on the high ground and in their entrenchments (entrenchments which negated the superior French artillery), and eventually hustled the Austrians over the river bridges. The French claimed the victory of course, but grumbling and recriminations that more should have been achieved and much more quickly ensued. The scenario reflects the lack of co-ordination and initiative in these scenario rules: - (1) Restricting all units outside of 8" of a commanding general or the enemy to remain stationary in tactical movement. They may change formation and facing. (2) No representations of the middle and lower officers for the French. Only the C-in-C and first level below are available. This restricts the use of Grand Tactical Movement as GTM requires more officers to perform in a coordinated sort of way. See the Wiki article for the full Monty ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Jemappes And the orbats are here ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jemappes_1792_Order_of_Battle The French orbat is a very rough guide only. http://usacac.army.mil/cac2/cgsc/carl/nafziger.asp - Nafziger only has the Austrian army. I guess the French were just too disorganized to keep records for posterity. And the historical map is here ... http://c8.alamy.com/comp/FH0HP8/map-of-the-battle-of-jemappes-6-november-1792-took-place-near-the-FH0HP8.jpg Scenario page with orders of battle, special rules and victory conditions, map with start locations, and stats sheets is here ... https://www.fwgs.org.uk/jemappes-6th-nov-1792 Role up, role up! There are three Austrian player commanders (the C-in-C role is taken by one of the sub-commanders) and three French commanders … Austrian Feldmarschall Albert of Saxe-Teschen (C-in-C) Feldmarschall-Leutnant Franz Freiherr von Lilien (Right Wing) Feldzeugmeister Count of Clerfayt (Centre) Feldmarschall-Leutnant Beaulieu (Left Wing) French General Dumouriez (C-in-C) Lieutenant General Beurnonville (Right Wing) General Ferrand (Left Wing) Let me know if you're interested in a command, Cheers, Loz

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